SEO xBusiness Review | Rank #1 on Google using SEO xBusiness

Get SEO xBusiness and my 3 Bonuses

Seo XBusiness will help you to rank any website to the 1st page of Google, either your sites or your clients’ sites. You can charge hundreds of dollars for your work that is done by the App, in just a few seconds. All the features can be sold as a service for any price you want. This cloud app allows you to launch your SEO business in a few seconds.

Seo XBusiness – Tap Into the SEO Goldmine & Have Your Online Business Up & Running Making You Profits
If you’ve been struggling make money online, it’s not your fault. First you need to have a great product or service to sell, then you need to hire developers, copywriters, and a team to handle it all. The worst part is, even after all the work, if you are in the wrong niche, no one will buy. For that reason they developed a software from the ground up, that will solve all these problems and get a profitable business up and running with the push of a button.

SEO XBusiness comes with multiple features that you can sell a service on sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer and many more. It includes SEO Audit Keyword Research tool, On Page SEO Optimization, Video Optimization, Backlink creator, Video Backlink creator, Social Signals Creator and much much more. So imagine be able to create a backlink campaign for your client, and let the software handle all the hard work for you, even giving you instant PDF reports to instantly deliver to your clients and get massive profits with it.

SEO XBusiness – Do Unlimited Services And Make Unlimited Profits

SEO AUDIT ANY SITE just add a site URL, click Review, and SEO XBusiness will give everything you need to get better SEO Results! You can download a report in one click.

COMPARE SITES Want to compare your site with a competitor site? Just add the URLs, hit analyze, and immediately discover who has the better SEO and why.

KEYWORD RESEARCH TOOL. FIND KEYWORDS YOU CAN RANK FOR Add any keyword, click search, and SEO XBusiness will instantly give you 100s of keywords that you can use for your SEO, keywords that are proven to generate free visitors and traffic to your site. You can also generate a report.

SEO ACTION PLAN With SEO XBusiness you can create quick SEO Action Plans for your clients, just add any keyword, hit generate and SEO XBusiness will give you a full plan on how to rank for the desired keyword.

ON PAGE OPTIMIZATION Want to know the right title, description, content, and other SEO factors you will need to rank for a desired keyword? Just add your site url and the keyword you want to target and the app will create a full on page optimization report that you can use in your site.

VIDEO OPTIMIZATION Optimize any YouTube Video. Add a desired keyword, click a button and get the right title, description, tags and many other factors to rank your video.

SITE BACKLINKS SEO XBusiness creates high quality backlinks to any site or url you want! Add a URL, enter a keyword, select how many backlinks you want to create, and hit create. You will get a report with all the backlinks.

VIDEO BACKLINKS SEO XBusiness creates backlinks for any Youtube video as well! Instantly getting better rankings than your competition! Enter a Video ID, the keyword, numbers of backlinks, and hit create.

SOCIAL SIGNALS Add a title and URL, hit GENERATE and instantly share any URL through multiple social media sites! Social Signals are great for SEO but also for getting instant traffic too. You can add a logo your reports.

UNLIMITED REPORTS + ADD YOUR OWN LOGO/BRAND TO ALL THE REPORTS On all the features you get a full PDF report with the SEO work done, this means you can instantly deliver the services for your clients, all you need to do is give them the PDF report and get your profits immediately! Plus you can add your own logo to all the reports, creating instant branding!

AGENCY WP THEME INCLUDED (For the launch week only) Full premium multi purpose theme (mobile ready, SEO optimized, with multiple templates) so you can quickly launch your SEO Agency site today.

SEO XBusiness Works in 3 Simple Steps
Step1: Login to the Cloud Based Dashboard You don’t need to download anything. This app works on any browser and device.
Step2: Select a SEO Tool On the left side, you have several SEO features to choose from. SEO Audit, Compare Sites, KW Research, SEO Action Plan, On Page Optimization, Video Optimization, Site Backlinks, Video Backlinks, Social Signals, and Branding.
Step3: Download Your Report You can download a full PDF report with the SEO work done in one click, for all the tools. You can also add your logo

Get SEO xBusiness and my 3 Bonuses

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