My shocking realization about the so called “Gurus” online.

We’ve all heard of creating a sales funnel or automating sales and things like making money while you sleep. That’s a great idea but in actual fact the world doesn’t work that way especially if your product or service is over $97.00. You’d be shocked to find out that most so-called guru’s spend most of their time writing sales copy and creating complex marketing funnels for one reason and one reason only. They are actually avoiding having an actual conversation and talking to people. Their goal is to not have any interaction whatsoever with their clients but think about it, the world doesn’t really work that way.

The truth is writing sales copy, testing and tweaking pages and paying for traffic to see what worked and what didn’t is much harder than actually talking to someone.

Sales is not a four letter word. Now, I realize that idea of talking to someone and helping them by getting them to purchase your product or service is scary to many people but that has more to do with the lousy salesmen they’ve encountered in the past or the fact that they don’t know what to do if someone says no.

They don’t realize that learning how to sell is a skill and it actually isn’t that difficult if you know what to do. It’s actually harder to be broke and wondering where the next dollar is coming from than to spend a little time to learn how to actually care enough about someone who needs their service or product in helping them get it.

People are pre-programmed to say no so all the fancy sales copy of web pages that get read only works on a very select few people. Those pages leave a ridiculous amount of cash on the table. Really. You see marketing creates interest and web pages are mostly marketing. Sales is the art of taking that interest and getting them to actually buy but not in a crush them into it sort of way. People should buy because they really want to buy. That happens when they have all their questions answered, they feel cared for and they feel a connection and trust with the person who is helping them (the salesman.)

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By Frank Andrews