What does it mean to be a Digital Nomad?

It’s kind of a buzz word nowadays, which I am

sure we will hear a lot more of as time goes on!


Because what use to be impossible, is now

quite normal.

That is to work a job or run a business digitally, while

not actually having to work from any one office or location.

Being a digital nomad is popular amongst travellers (obviously),

but doesn’t mean you have to be travelling the world, or

even mean you have to quit your job!

…Embracing a digital nomadic lifestyle can open your

eyes to such a different way of living.

Like being able to go surfing on a Monday morning, instead

of sitting in traffic to get into the office by 9am (it’s the best

time to go surfing too, as most people are heading to

work! ..more waves for you) 💦

This idea stems from a generation of millennials who

want to gain some sense of freedom in their lives.

Yes, we can seem a little crazy to some. As a recent

study showed many of us would rather spend our money

on travel, than go to college and get a degree! 🤔

But think about this:

If you have some form of office job, where most (80%+)

of your work is done online, and you work the average

40 hour week. There should be no stopping you in re-structuring

your work in order to be able to work on your own terms,

and from wherever in the world you want.

Are you an early riser?

Jump out of bed at 6am and start work. By 3pm you’ll be

done and have the rest of the afternoon to do whatever

you like.

No commute, no wasted time, and more time with family!

Better yet, do this somewhere like Bali …Or Thailand 🌴

Get Started Right Now

How about:

Waking up at 6am for a sunrise surf (free) or Yoga session ($10)

…you grab an Acai bowl on the way home for breakfast ($10).

8.30am until 12.30pm:

Start work next to the pool on a little desk you have shifted

outside under shade.

12.30pm – 1.30pm:

The masseuse knocks on the door for your hour daily massage ($10-$15).

1.30pm – 2.00pm:

Pad Thai from the local joint for lunch of course! ($5)

2.00pm – 7.00pm:

Work …you did an hour overtime because you’re going snorkelling half day tomorrow.

7.00pm – 9.30pm:

Sunset dinner on the beach with friends and fellow nomads,

perhaps a beer or two ($20) and sunset shot for the gram (has to be done).



Sounds like a great day right? And it’s likely much

cheaper than your home country.

Now, restructuring life to live like this, is not for everyone.

But for those who have an itch for travel and don’t mind

working in between, there are so many options nowadays.

You could:

Think about how you can re-structure your current job.

It may take one question to your boss and you could be

working from home! (Depending on your current job of course)

Sell your services as a freelancer. If you’re a graphic/web

designer, coder, technical writer, videographer, there are

many opportunities.

Run coaching or consulting for clients. Life coaches, business

consultants, even personal trainers can take their services

online in order to scale and travel.

Start a digital advertising agency or help businesses

advertise themselves through social media (we do this)

Sell your own digital products, educating people on something

they need help with, like training a puppy. (we sell digital products also)

Partner with companies and sell their productsas an

affiliate so you can earn a commission from the

sales you make (we do this also)

Build an audience on social media and use your influence

to collaborate with businesses. Such as advertising a hotel or

a company and promoting them on social media. (we do this also)

For those with the travel bug, there has never been a

better time than now to work digital and travel globally.

I hope some of these ideas get the juices flowing, because

many people have already embraced this way of living

and if it interests you, than there’s no reason why you couldn’t do this too.

Start Your Journey Today

See you on the beaches!!

By Frank Andrews